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There are many benefits of purchasing a refurbished laptop. 

What does refurbished mean?

There are several types of laptops that fall into this category, but all have one thing in common: they are laptops that have been purchased by someone else.  “Purchased” is the key, as it does not mean that the laptop was necessarily used by the previous owner. Yes, more than 80% of have been used by the previous owner (and returned within 30 days of purchase), but many also come from companies seeking to liquidate current inventory.  The common thing with a refurbished laptop is that by law – whether used by the previous owner, or not – all previous information must be wiped clean, the laptop must run through testing to make sure all components meet industry standards and are working properly, and that any problems be fixed before the laptop can be resold.


How does a laptop get refurbished?

A refurbished laptop may have the hard drive erased or replaced. New memory may be added or a new operating system installed. If the laptop case or screen is excessively scratched, it will be replaced. Once the laptop is tested to make sure it works, it's labeled as refurbished and sold as such.

Why should I consider a refurbished laptop?

They are great first laptops for kids and students.  Also, for those that are more environmentally conscious, it helps more laptops stay in circulation and out of landfills.  An obvious reason is the price.  Refurbished computers can save you hundreds, and even thousands of dollars, while still providing you with all you would want from a new model.


Can I trust the durability of a refurbished laptop?

Laptop Outlet thoroughly checks any, and all, laptops sold to make sure they meet current industry standards in hardware, software, and cosmetic (the case, the screen, etc.) capacities. You can expect the laptop to meet the same standards as if you were to have purchased it from the manufacturer yourself.


Is there a warranty on a refurbished laptop?

Laptop Outlet gives a limited warranty on laptops.  Please look at the warranty section for more information.


What components should I look for in a refurbished laptop?

Make sure the laptop’s components meet your needs.  The technical specifications vary on all laptops, so look for the components that best fit what you are looking for.

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