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International Orders 

Please read the following carefully and email us with any questions before you order. If you have already ordered and you find any of the below conditions unsatisfactory you may certainly cancel your order at any time before we ship.



  • We use FedEx Global Economy and USPS Global Priority for shipping all international orders.
  • If the package is lost FedEx or the USPS will cover it up to $100, if you would like more insurance please email us. .
  • When we have to use USPS (oversize packages and special destinations) in some countries your Post Office will hand the package to local delivery services of variable speed and quality. Most are reliable, but they can be slow. We cannot help this!


  • There are no US taxes of any kind that you will have to pay. However expect to pay various customs duties, taxes and fees on your side of the border.
  • In most cases ordering from the US will not exempt you from any VAT or Sales Taxes in your country. Expect to be taxed on your side of the border.
  • Customs taxes can be very random. You can have several packages go thru without taxation and then get hit hard on one. There is no way to fix this situation.
  • We can NOT mark your package as a 'gift' or 'sample' to help you avoid taxes.

Notes on various countries:

We used to have a rather extensive section here, with notes on shipping results to various countries. However since we switched to Fed Ex Global Economy we have had absolutely no international shipping problems. A few general notes are in order:

  • Expect to pay customs charges and taxes
    Since most countries outside the US use a sales tax based taxation system with the rise of internet shopping there has been a serious clamping down on international shipments getting thru untaxed.
  • Expect to pay a small brokerage or customs fee
    In many countries, it is the only way to get the shipment across the border.

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Based in Los Angeles, California, the laptop technicians of Laptop Outlet provide fully refurbished used laptop computers and cheap off lease refurbished notebooks
including Dell, Toshiba, IBM, Compaq, Apple, and Hewlett Packard at below wholesale prices. Our extensive refurbishing process takes off-lease second hand
laptop equipment and turns it into an inexpensive super cheap budget minded alternative to buying brand new.