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Windows 98 Laptops For Sale Fully Refurbished with Warranty and Tech Support

IBM ThinkPad T20 Laptop PIII 700 Mhz 13.3" TFT 40 GB HD 128 MB RAM CD Floppy Serial Port 56K Modem 10/100 NIC Internet and Email Ready Network Ready 6 Month Parts and Labor Warranty Windows 98 Battery Guarantee
IBM ThinkPad T20 Refurbished Laptop
P3 700 Mhz Laptop 13.3" TFT 40 GB HD 128 MB CD Serial Port
Operating System
Windows 98
$349.00 $319.00
Refurbished Laptops Dell Latitude c600 Laptop P3 750 Mhz 14.1" TFT 20 GB HD 256 MB RAM CD 56K 10/100 NIC Serial Port Internet and Email Ready Network Ready 6 Month Parts and Labor Warranty Battery Guarantee Windows 98 Second Edition
Dell Latitude C600 Refurbished Laptops
750 Mhz Laptop 14.1" TFT 20 GB HD 128 MB CD RS-232 Serial
Operating System
Windows 98 SE
$399.00 $319.00

Our large selection of windows 98 laptop are fully refurbished inside and out bringing the laptop back to an original state. We begin the extensive refurbishment process by taking the laptops apart and fully cleaning them inside and out. The cpu fans are completely cleaned and we install new heat sink thermal compound between the processor and the heat sink. Subsequent the processor / heat sink fan re-assembly we replace the main bios battery. The extensive refurbishment process ensure a long lasting reliable product that can be used for diagnostics or situations where windows 98 is a requirement.

Compaq Armada M700 Refurbished Laptops P3 1000 Mhz 14.1" TFT 20 GB HD 128 MB RAM 24x CD Serial Port Parallel Port 56K Modem NIC Internet and Email Ready Network Ready 6 Month Parts and Labor Warranty Windows 98
Compaq M700 Used Laptops
P3 1000 Mhz Laptop 14.1" TFT 12 GB HD 256 MB CD Serial Interface
Operating System
Windows 2000 Pro
$349.00 $319.00
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Based in Los Angeles, California, the laptop technicians of Laptop Outlet provide fully refurbished used laptop computers and cheap off lease refurbished notebooks
including Dell, Toshiba, IBM, Compaq, Apple, and Hewlett Packard at below wholesale prices. Our extensive refurbishing process takes off-lease second hand
laptop equipment and turns it into an inexpensive super cheap budget minded alternative to buying brand new.